year : 2023
location : hong kong
category : residential

Someone said that life is like a journey, a process of experience and realization, experiencing nature and realizing the meaning of life. Perhaps we should give ourselves a pause, adjust our mindset, slow down our pace, and savor life as we slowly travel along the way, stopping to appreciate the sunrise and sunset. As interior designers, we often draw inspiration from the local surroundings during our travels.

This time, we have incorporated tropical elements into urban living, creating an atmosphere of relaxation and vacation amidst busy city life. The space is designed with a natural ambiance, combining earthy tones, greenery, and woven elements to create a comfortable and clean environment. Soft sofas and lightweight wicker chairs allow for ultimate relaxation and comfort. Additionally, the wall art, with its wave and arch shapes, brings energy to the space, presenting a fresh tropical vibe.

The living room, bedroom, and balcony are connected, providing a spacious and comfortable leisure space. The bathroom’s bathtub also offers a place to relax and unwind. The design takes into account adequate lighting and ventilation, allowing natural light to penetrate the interior while providing a view of the outdoor scenery, creating a leisurely and comfortable atmosphere. The result is a natural and comfortable space that allows for the enjoyment of life.

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