year : 2022
location : hong kong
category : residential

This apartment is located in the bustling area of Hong Kong. In a highly industrialized environment where everything mostly follows the fixed routine and efficiency is at the top priority, people always having a hectic and fast-paced lifestyle, they cannot easily feel relaxed and comfortable.

Taking into account emotional and psychological comfort as a starting point in our design, we would like to create a cozy ambience for the occupants to obtain these comforts in their daily life. Space not only provides living and activities function, but also provides a refuge for emotion and soul.

The overall space is divided into an open living area and a private area; the open living area is composed of the entrance, kitchen, dining room, living room and multi-functional room. The use of natural slate, washed granolithic, wood materials and artistic paint, create a quiet, elegant and rustic atmosphere, allowing the occupants to shift from the busy world outside to a clam and comfortable vibe, escape away from the hustle and bustle, and immerse themselves in this soothing space.

The kitchen, dining room, living room and multi-purpose room are tying into one cohesive space, the occupants can either eat, rest, party, or enjoy the tea ceremony at ease. The flexible multi-purpose room changes according to different living functions, satisfying the daily rituals of the occupants within the space.

The private area is composed of a bedroom and a bathroom. The bedroom is characterized by wood materials and artistic paint, without any complicated decoration, makes the bedroom a harmonious and peaceful rest place under the warm light. The bathroom is mostly black matched with natural rough stone materials, offering a sense of calm, occupants can engross in bathing, wind down for the day and enjoy the moment in the tranquility.

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