Mi Jing – An Atmosphere of Serenity

year : 2021
location : hong kong
category : residential

“Mi Jing” is regarded as a kind of spiritual desire. Leave ourselves some serene moments in the hustle and bustle urban life. Preserving the aesthetic log texture, valuing the unadorned atmosphere, allow us to return to the natural and simple everyday lives.

With the use of natural materials, soft indoor lighting, simple harmonious colours and warm welcoming wood, the overall design evokes a quiet and comfortable vibe permeated the whole space. Sensory design like exquisite handcrafted basin and natural stone bath induce a lavish sense of tranquility, not only allow us to have a relaxing bath and rest, but also construct a peaceful and cozy ambience for our daily lives at the same time.

The place is designed coherently, the kitchen and the living room are integrated by a low television wall; the bedroom and the cloakroom are connected by an arc-shaped wardrobe, create a more consistent and convenient abode for the residents.

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